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If we could travel back in time, we could probably trace the history of coffee back to a single seed, which, having fallen out of the pulp of its cherry, rolled down a hill deep in the heart of Africa. From that seed a new plant was born, and then others, and finally entire forests teeming with red fruits, which enclosed a secret that would, a few thousands of years later, end up turning the world on its head.

From Ethiopian shepherds to Arab traders, from European explorers to Venetian shops, from French illuminists to American franchises... Within just a few centuries, coffee took over the whole planet, becoming not only one of the most popular tropical crops, but a real source of energy that humanity cannot do without. And it all started from that single seed of Typica, the original arabica plant, the oldest, from which many other varieties then developed.

Typica Coffee is inspired by the history of that seed. Just like a new species stems from the efforts of generation after generation, collecting the best genetic traits of those that came before it, our small company was born from the decades of tradition, technique and know-how that have distinguished the excellence of Italian coffee roasters.

Yes, because first and foremost we are Italian, and for us, coffee is not just merely a drink: espresso is part of our customs; it is an integral part of our lives. From an early age, even before we are allowed to taste it, we were fascinated by this hazelnut coloured syrup that our parents enjoyed, and when the adults allowed us to mix the sugar in their cup with a spoon, we felt like we were taking part in a timeless ritual.

But our pride doesn’t keep us from looking beyond our nation’s borders, and it was precisely our travels abroad that helped us fully grasp the infinite nuances that a drink so familiar to us can have in both form and taste. A journey through single origins and alternative extraction methods that make specialized coffee shops not just a simple social place or a meeting spot, but a true experience of discovery and sharing.

This is how Typica Coffee, with a strong heritage and an eye set on innovation, makes its leap forward: the evolution of Italian roasting, which rejects being limited to just offering a good espresso, but which instead sets its primary objective as selling the best quality coffee; not just by selling beans (grown, selected and roasted to offer you the highest quality product) but also by sharing the gospel of good coffee.

Our love for the raw material, its countries of origin and their people serves as the foundation for our project. During our tenure we have warmed as many hearts as cups of coffee, and we have always shared our belief that enjoying coffee is not just drinking one on the fly, but rather to immerse yourself in a world of passion and culture.

These webpages were created with the same spirit: for us, they are an opportunity to start a conversation; a tool that allows us to tell our stories and listen to yours, in the hope that once we have sown the seed, it may bear fruit to a new way of understanding and enjoying coffee. One that may enrich everyone's life.

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